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The World's First Hot Saucier

Updated: May 1, 2023

Just like his award winning hot sauce, Chris “Gindo” Ginder is not unassuming. He’s bold, assertive, and self-reliant. He’s a revolutionary in the hot sauce world - a “hot saucier,” if you will. Gindo’s was ultimately born in 2011 in a tiny kitchen in West Hollywood, but the idea had been brewing for some time.

Growing up in an unstable home environment, in and out of foster care, Gindo couch surfed and relied heavily on extended family and families of friends while coming of age in the idyllic town of Cape May, New Jersey. For some, an unconventional childhood like this one could have sent a person down a much different path, but for Gindo, his ability to adapt in the face of adversity helped propel him forward in life and gave him the tools necessary to run a successful business. A combination of street smarts, social networking skills, and the ability to recognize opportunity when it presents itself are part of what has given Gindo an edge in the rapidly evolving world of hot sauce.

Having no formal business training, Gindo is intuitively guided by creativity, connecting with people, and inspiring others. His passion for reaching people through food and across culture drives his business. Gindo oversees all aspects of his business with his wife and partner, Mary, but he primarily focuses on the creative aspect. Imagine a chef who has devised over 500 different variations of the same dish, putting a twist on a classic meal. Gindo has done just that with hot sauce, consistently using farm, fresh, local ingredients - and the resulting flavor is provocative because of it. Gindo is proud to have inspired younger hot sauce companies to do the same.

In addition to creating a new small batch limited release hot sauce every week for the past seven years, Gindo’s is the first to create beer infused hot sauce, having now worked with over six dozen breweries in the Midwest. Collaborations extend to distilleries, coffee roasters, and collaborations with various businesses in the area to compliment restaurant cuisine and other business needs. Gindo’s even has a super mild and delicious hot sauce made palatable for kids.

Hot sauce fans can also purchase Gindo’s Hot Sauce of the Month Club, the first subscription service from a single hot sauce maker. Be surprised each month with new flavors and exciting collaborations to spark inspiration in the kitchen. No other single hot sauce company has launched such a service.

Every step of the way, Gindo has his patrons in mind. When it comes to hot sauce, each flavor profile is meant to compliment a potential dish. Sauce labels come with mere suggestions for use. Great chefs are artists who create experience through aroma, texture, high quality ingredients, and unique flavor pairings, and in that sense Gindo is the world’s first master hot saucier.



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